Nature of the work


The first tasks of the IT consultant when he starts his mission in a company are the analysis of the situation, the identification of users’ needs and their expectations. For this, it takes into account the organization set up, the technical equipment available and the human resources involved, in order to propose an optimal solution.

To propose

Thanks to its technical, economic and financial analysis, it makes a precise diagnosis on the points that are failing or to improve, and proposes a computer solution more adapted to the objectives targeted by the company. He presents his suggestions in written and oral form with only one concern in mind: customer satisfaction. Its proposals may vary greatly depending on the case: hardware change, new architecture of the network or the information system, database administration, data outsourcing, training, etc. It also participates in calls for tenders and the selection of service providers.
Lead and train

Finally, the consultant ensures the correct implementation of the solutions chosen and the respect of their planning. Depending on the case and the scope of the project, it may supervise teams or delegate, design and sometimes lead a technical training plan, etc.
Required Skills

From general to particular

It is obvious that the IT consultant must have a good knowledge of his sector, and in particular of the technologies most in demand (outsourcing of data, e-commerce, etc.). He must master a particular area (sector or function).
A little chameleon

Each company has its own identity, the consultant must adapt quickly to each of them and quickly understand its operation to make a proposal in line with the expectations of its client.
Well with everyone

The consultant must be attentive, attentive and open to provide a tailor-made solution. He must also be able to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, by putting himself within the reach of his interlocutors. It is organized, curious and must know how to use diplomacy and pedagogy.

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